The Need To Democratise Finance 

Developing economies are rich with human capital, natural resources, innovative and willing minds but are constantly impeded by the inaccessibility of financial services.  We believe this is the new leading stumbling block to development.


And just as the internet bridged access to information for the masses we wish to close the gap between those who would seek to benefit from their finances and those who lack the access to quality financial services. We like many others believe that access to financial services will reduce inequality and accelerate social and economic development.


Based in Uganda, our primary focus is in developing solutions and partnerships that will enable to sub-Saharan Africa to harness its financial capacity. Even though remittances into the regions have been booing in recent years and impact investment funds have been mushrooming on the continent the COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted the inherent unreliability of these cash inflows to the region.


It is this ever-growing need for innovative and practical financial solutions that we at Utilis Ventures aim to fill by creating solutions that gro vale, generate capacity and reduce inequality  




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Sub Saharan African Market at a Glance 


Funding Gap 


SMES in the region




projected GDP growth


Level is our crowd investment platform designed to build local financial capacity in sub-Saharan Africa.

By using Decentralised Financial principles more commonly used in DLT we are building a technology-agnostic platform that will enable people from all walks of life to participate in economic activity and take control of there financial futures.

What is Level ?


About Us

We are a small but passionate group of innovators trying to create the solutions needed in the modern world. We believe that what we believe matters more than who we are and would like to share some of our beliefs with you below.

  •  Creating real-world value is at the core of all we do.

  •  Doing good for the world can and should be profitable.

  •  Technology for its own sake is useless.

  •  Even complex problems can have simple answers.

  •  The future is built today.

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